Interior plants and humidity.

As plants open their leaf pores to take in carbon dioxide, some of the moisture in the leaf can escape. Thus the plants sweat water vapor into the air whenever they breath. This happens more rapidly if the air is dry or humid. This often happens in the winter months when the heat is turned on to an excessive level or the HVAC system is ‘acting up’ causing an imbalance of air flow; very hot in one area and cool in another area.

Plants can dry out in the summer months as well. Dry air causes plants to transpire moisture much more rapidly than does humid air. Water in the leaves evaporates very quickly into air, causing the plant to lose moisture at a rapid rate. When leaves begin to lose water faster than the roots can absorb it – disaster strikes. It is an evil the plant inflicts on itself, in self defense. In order not to lose more water to the air, the plant will almost completely close its leaf pores. This slows down the flow of moisture from the plant effectively, but unfortunately it also reduces the intake of carbon dioxide. Without supplies of carbon dioxide, the cells begin to die and the plant looks tired and ill.

At Danny Tropicals, we highly recommend a weekly maintenance service for your interior plants.  We are able to water, care and take corrective measures to save the interior plants during any periods of environmental stress.



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