Why tap water is bad for interior plants.

The very thing that keeps the plants alive is the one thing that has a long term negative effect on the plants.

The tap water used in watering indoor plants or office plants contains chlorine, fluoride and other soluble salts. Over time these soluble salts accumulate in the pot or planter and have no where to go. In an outdoor environment, these salts would be washed away with rainfall and other medium of natural precipitation.

The indoor plants would eventually absorb these soluble salts and over time this would cause spotting on the leaves.

As the salts build up around the root zone, the plant will deteriorate over time. You will likely see the plant loose its lustre and vibrancy, it will look droopy and sick.

In an attempt to revive the plant, a soil wash is needed to wash away the salt and ‘old dead’ soil around the root zone. Repot with new soil. The previously old and droopy plant should come back to its young self.

One drawback to note is that the soil wash must be done in above 18 degrees C and if the root system is not healthy to begin with, the plant may not survive the replanting trauma. Most of the time the plant will bounce back but be prepared that it may not.

At Danny Tropicals we know that interior plants in offices are not practical to perform a soil wash due to constraints such as slop sink access and after hours access. We simply give you new plants every three years when your current ones have approached their ‘end of life’ period.






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