Seven ways to improve the office with live plants.

1.  First impressions count

Live plants as part of your décor can help create a positive first impression for both potential tenants, customers, and employees.

 2. People like plants

Finding and retaining good employees is a challenge.  Studies show that people are attracted to environments enhanced with plants and tend to stay in the employ of those companies for a longer period of time.

3. Plants reduce stress

Plants provide a sense of comfort and warmth on an otherwise sterile office environment.   This reduces stress and increases productivity.


4. Plants play an air quality role in “Green” buildings

Installing live plants is a strategy to deal with pollutants at its source by absorbing VOCs and purifying the air according to NASA Clean Air Study and researcher B.C. Wolverton.

5. Live plants reduce “Sick Building Syndrome”

Energy efficient buildings tend to reduce air circulation and is a primary contributing factor to an increased number of employee sick days.   Studies have confirmed that indoor plants improve air quality and reduce employee absenteeism.   Study by a university professor Tove Fjeld in Oslo, Norway revealed the mean reduction of 12 ailments with plants present, compared to 23 percent without.  U.S. researchers Fisk and Rosenfeld of the Berkeley National Laboratory have quantified this into a $58 billion annual savings from sick-building illness with the use of plants.


6. Plants reduce noise levels in open concept designs

Open office concepts often result in noisy distractions and less productive workplace.   Noise reduction is one of those less-known benefits of plants.  Plant parts such as stems, leaves, branches, wood, etc. absorb sound.  When sound waves hit a flexible material, like plants, the material will vibrate and the waves are transformed into other forms of energy, as well as being deflected in other directions.


7. A cost effective way to gain value

For all of the above reasons, live plants have proven to be one of the most cost-effective expenditures that offer real value.

Danny Tropicals is an interiorscape service provider caring for office and interior plants across the GTA: Toronto, Markham, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Kitchener Waterloo.


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